LED Price boards

The Novyc digital signage system automatically updates your price display when you alter pump prices. Novyc Australia is now part of LED Media ensuring that all of our clients receive the best quality equipment available.

Novyc LED price board system

Change prices remotely or without even leaving your store console.

Don’t waste your time and effort manually changing the prices on your signs. Now, with the Novyc system, you can change prices remotely or without even leaving your store console. The Novyc LED price boards are specifically designed for the fuel industry. Industry research shows that there is a 5% increase in sales when converting your fuel price signs to LED price boards.

This innovative system can alter the prices on your signage automatically when you change the prices on your pump, centrally controlled pricing from head office or remote control from the console – it’s fast, safe and secure. This ensures that pump prices and signs are always coordinated and up to date and you also eliminate errors and time lags in your sign pricing.

Novyc technology is quick and easy to install, with no new wiring required! Novyc systems use automation over AC power which allows for signage to be placed anywhere there is power. The LED price board system is also perfect to retrofit into your existing signage due to no new wiring and the slim line design of the LED price boards.

The Novyc LED price boards are fully waterproof and come with custom digit fonts, heights and colours to match your corporate guidelines.

Some benefits to the Novyc System:

  • Industry standard 7-Segments design
  • High brightness, wide angle LED’s
  • Reliable AC Carrier communication
  • Protective enclosure vs the elements
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Interchangeable components for service on site
  • Extended parts warranty
  • Standard digit heights of 9, 12, 15, 18, 23 and 30 inches (305, 381, 457, 584 and 762mm);
  • 6 fuel grade price level capacity, single or double sided;
  • AllnGap oval 5mm x 4mm high bright large beam (100 degrees) L.E.D.s;
  • Four light intensity levels ranging from 25% to 100%;
  • Waterproof aluminum enclosure with tinted polycarbonate face;
  • Remote control input unit with LCD Display, 4-key sealed keyboard for manual operation, RS232 serial port for POP connectivity for automatic operation and transmission on AC power line or through separate control cable or RF using our specifically developed communication protocol.